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There are 3 methods to dispatch an aircraft:

Barcode method
When the member shows up and requests an aircraft book, FD calls up the Dispatch screen and simply swipes the bar code located on the book (the OUT code).
Typical Bar Code reader. Bar Code labels are attached to the key box.

Dispatch Screen/Manual entry method
This is similar to the bar code method, except that you don't use the bar code reader, rather you type in the NNumber into the Dispatch screen.

Schedule Detail method
If the user is outside of the +/- 30 minute window (i.e., they are late or early) then you can dispatch an aircraft by first locating the scheduled flight on the Schedule Display, clicking the flight to bring up the Schedule Details screen, then clicking on "Dispatch this flight".

When an AC dispatch is requested, CASSi double checks that the user is qualified to current in the AC, that their medical/BFR is current, etc. If CASSI detects any problems, you'll be notified on screen - you can then choose to dispatch the AC anyway, or deny the member the AC.

Once the AC is successfully dispatched, it shows up on the "Dispatched Out" list. When the plane is returned, dispatch it back in by swiping the IN bar code. Once the AC is successfully dispatched IN, it is removed from the Out list.

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Screen 3 of 32 Admin Functions

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