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CASSi Highlights: (Use your browser's Back button to return to this page)

  • Scheduling
      Schedules Aircraft, CFIs, solo and dual flights.

  • Security (Transaction Log)
      Each user has a userID/password.

      Each user is assigned a "role", such as "Customer", "Front Desk Operator", "Chief Pilot"... and is restricted to certain areas of the system.

      Every schedule, reschedule, cancellation, etc., is logged by CASSi, and this log may be viewed (by the CASSi administrator). This is useful for tracking down schedule abuses or other issues.

  • Wait List
      Aircraft can be waitlisted either by specific NNumber or by Aircraft Make/Model (like any Cessna 182).

  • Dispatching
      Aircraft are dispatched either with a bar code reader (and a bar code label affixed to the aircraft clipboard/book/key) or by typing the UserID or NNumber.

      Aircraft which are "late pickups" and "late returns" are highlighted on the Dispatch Screen.

      When an aircraft is Dispatched back in, the Hobbs and Tach time are entered, and CASSi generates a Flight Ticket.

  • Currency, BFR and Medical
      Each time a pilot schedules a plane, CASSi checks that the pilot is current in that make/model (or a higher ranked make/model) and that the pilot has a current medical and BFR. Only a current pilot can schedule a solo flight.

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