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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost.
      CASSi service is $30 per month per plane for the first 10 planes in your fleet. Then, $10 per month per plane for additional planes. There is NO charge for your CFIs. There is NO per-user charge. There is NO setup fee, and there is NO long term contract.

  • Is there large-fleet pricing available?
      Yes. Please contact us for special fleet pricing.

  • How do I schedule a plane / CFI with the CASSi?
      90% of the operations in CASSi involve scheduling. At one large organization using CASSi, there have been over 750,000 hits on the main scheduling page. To schedule, log on to CASSi, click "Schedules" at the bottom of the Welcome page, choose the aircraft / CFI to view, click the check box next to the aircraft / CFI you want to schedule, enter the desired times, and click "Schedule this." All this can be done with just a few clicks or keystrokes.

  • How long does it take to learn how to use CASSi?
      CASSi runs in a standard Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape and is very simple to use. Scheduling is intuitive and most users take only a few minutes to learn the basics such as selecting an aircraft / CFI and entering dates / times. CASSi has the look of the "schedule board"... familiar to all pilots.

  • Can CASSi help improve Aircraft availability and utilization?
      Yes! This is one of the main advantages of CASSi. Secure scheduling with CASSi is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no long lines at the front desk. Busy pilots can schedule from any Internet terminal, anytime. More convenient scheduling automatically equals more revenue. Some specific examples: Imagine if CFIs / students only scheduled an aircraft for flight time needed instead of including ground time (which can be tracked with CASSi). What if a popular aircraft flew on a busy Saturday (thanks to the Waitlist feature) instead of sitting idle due to a last minute illness cancellation? How about the pilot working until 10:00 PM who gets the itch to fly the following morning? Check the weather, locate a free aircraft, and a few more unused flight hours turn into revenue dollars. CASSi makes an FBO / flight school’s most valuable assets more available.

  • At the top of each hour, we have a madhouse at our Dispatch Desk. How will using CASSi relieve this.
      Dispatch on CASSi is as fast and easy as scheduling. The front desk can either enter the N number of the aircraft or a member ID to dispatch. For very busy front desks, a bar code reader can be used to scan a bar code on the aircraft "binder" for instant dispatch.

  • Can CASSi be used both at our office and at our customers' homes/businesses?
      Yes, CASSi provides secure scheduling from any computer connected to the Internet. Multiple levels of user security are implemented including Member, Front Desk, CFI, Chief Pilot, Accounting, Maintenance, Owner, and Administrator. Each type of user’s security can be customized through the Administrator login.

  • Does CASSi work with our FBO / flight school management software?
      Yes, CASSi has been successfully integrated with several types of existing systems from QuickBooks for smaller installations to custom-written accounting / FBO management systems. At one large installation, data is transferred nightly between the main accounting system and CASSi, eliminating the need to maintain two separate databases. CASSi can also manage basic flight school data through its extensive internal member, aircraft, and accounting features.

  • With which web browsers will CASSi work.
      All. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer for both Windows and Macintosh OS, or any other browser that supports HTML 3.2 or higher.

  • We have a maintenance shop that does most of the work on our fleet. How does CASSi support Maintenance?
      The CASSi Maintenance module (an optional feature) includes a sophisticated, web-based version of the aircraft status board (Annual, 100 hr, oil change, IFR, transponder, pilot static, encoder, ELT, etc.), a parts inventory system with vendor database, an aircraft squawk management system, an FAA work order management system, and a cost tracking system that integrates data from the above functions. Please call to arrange a demonstration of this powerful new addition to CASSi.

  • How does CASSi work with instructors, dual flights and ground school/briefings?
      Instructors have a set of privileges of their own that includes the ability to schedule for their students, block out times that are not available for scheduling, and receive email when their schedule changes.  Student pilots and other CASSi users have the ability to view an instructor’s schedule alongside selected aircraft schedules, making scheduling a dual flight fast and simple. Ground school / briefing time can be scheduled independently of aircraft time. If the flight portion of instruction goes from 9-11 AM and the ground portion from 8-9, then the CASSi schedule for the instructor/student/aircraft will reflect exactly that increasing flight revenue by efficient aircraft scheduling. No more aircraft sitting idle during ground instruction / flight briefings.

  • Is our customer and schedule data safe?
      Customer and schedule data is stored in an industry-standard SQL database that is designed for secure web data management. This system automatically backs up the all schedule data and provides robust recovery.

  • What is your Privacy Policy?
      We do not share your customer/pilot data with anyone.

  • We have a lot of different people working in our office... CFIs, Front Desk personnel, a General Manager, etc. How does CASSi control which of those people can access the system?
      Multiple levels of security are implemented for staff users of CASSi including Front Desk, CFI, Chief Pilot, Accounting, Maintenance, Owner, and Administrator. Each type of user’s security can be customized through the Administrator login.

  • If I don't have web access, can I still schedule?
      Yes, many libraries have free internet access as well as low-cost "Internet Cafés." If all else fails, the front desk has permission to schedule for any CASSi user.

  • How does the "email notification" feature work?
      A CASSi user can set up email notification. Options include email through CASSi's built-in email system, Internet email, Front Desk (i.e., a telephone call), or all of the above. Various operations can result in email being sent to a CASSi user, including an aircraft taken offline due to maintenance issues, front-desk message, or CASSi mail from another user.  CASSi can be set up so users cannot see other users’ personal information. Only the member ID is available to allow messages to be sent between users.

  • Our club has insurance requirements for pilot currency (i.e., 1 hour in type within the previous 90 days). How does CASSi help to enforce that?
      CASSi has extensive user-definable currency checking capabilities including currency hierarchies where currency in certain higher-level categories fulfills currency in lower categories. For example, maintaining currency in a Cessna 182 might fulfill currency requirements for a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 152. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a review of your specific currency requirements.

  • We are a large flight academy with over 100 airplanes and thousands of students. We already have in-house computer expertise. As a corporate policy, we must have full control over all our software systems. Is it possible to install the CASSi software on our in-house systems?
      Yes, the CASSI software may be licensed to to run on your servers. Contact us for more details.

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